The Master Magician (TMM) is a handicapping software for horse races. This software was developed based on principles published by Michael Pizzolla in his handicapping book “Handicapping Magic”.

The Master MagicianThe TMM software is the result of the combined efforts of Michael Pizzolla and computer programmer Eric Langjahr.

Following Pizzolla’s handicapping method becomes much easier with the help of this software. The program will also help you to quickly go through a large number of race cards and immediately see if a race is playable or not. If you for instance is informed of how the top rated horses are going off at short odds, you can just remove that race from your selection and not waste any time on it.

If you haven’t read the book or learned about Pizzolla’s handicapping method before, it is advisable to do so before you start using TMM, because a lot of the terms and calculations will be confusing for someone that doesn’t know about Pizzolla’s handicapping method. Simply running the program will not make you a winning punter. The program is just an aid, intended to make it easier to utilize Pizzolla’s handicapping method.

If you have no previous experience with handicapping, our advice is that you start out by learning the basics of traditional handicapping before you move over to the book “Handcapping Magic”, because it is much easier to understand the book if you have a basic grasp of traditional handicapping.

How The Master Magician software works

  1. The program will identify the fulcrum horse for the race.
  2. The program will calculate an expected pace scenario for the race. It will be one of the following alternatives: Neutral, Pressured, Heavy Pressure, Speed of Speed, Lone Early.
  3. The program will open hear horse’ Form Cycle Window in LASST and in Two Excuse mode.
  4. The program will calculate the Pace Balanced Speed (PBS) for every horse in the race.
  5. The program will calculate the Projected Power Fraction (PPF) for every horse in the race.
  6. The Value Tech module will assist you in identifying “value” in a horse race. It creates and odds line for the race based on Handicapping Magic factors. A separate odds line (the Contention Line) will be created based on an estimate of how the public will bet the race (this estimation is based on more traditional handicapping factors). If Value Tech finds a horse with a positive ratio of the Value Tech betting line compared to the estimated public line, it will let your know that it has found a Value Tech horse.

Important info about using TMM software

  • When you start The Master Magician, it will automatically open up to today’s date.
  • You can only select and handicap a race card that you have previously downloaded.
  • Tracks are listed alphabetically, making them easy to find within the program.
  • You must always select a track first, before you can start browsing individual races.
  • You will need Post Time Daily data files to run the program. The TMM doesn’t work with other data files. So, there isn’t much point in getting TMM software unless you are also willing to obtain data files from Post Time Daily. These data files are required since they give the software information about the past performance of the horses.