There are many different horse race betting systems available, and they all come with their own strengths and weaknesses. If someone tries to sell your “The Holy Grail” of horse racing systems, you should be vary suspicious. A horse racing system can be a valuable tool in the right hands, but it is not a 100% risk-free route to long term horse race profits.

racing systemGenerally speaking, horse race systems are used to help identifying horses that are more likely to win than what looking at their most recent performance would indicate. A horse race system can save you time, but skills and good judgment are still required to make the final decisions.

Horse racing systems can also be valuable when it comes to spotting long shots for exotic wagers. Let’s for instance take a look at the Trifecta Key Horse Box. With this type of wager, you key a horse and box it with all of your other contenders. You only need your key horse to finish third or better..

Example: Your key horse is Bonnie, and your contenders are Apple, Pear, Orange and Melon. Your trifecta combinations are thus Bonnie-Apple-Pear, Bonnie-Apple-Orange, Bonnie-Apple-Melon, Bonnie-Pear-Orange, Bonnie-Pear-Melon, and Bonnie-Orange-Melon. If a Five-horse trifecta would cost €60, you would only pay €36 for this combo.